On Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 December members of Newcastle Gosforth Round Table undertook their annual food collection in the Brunton Park area of Gosforth. The response from local residents was fantastic and succeeded in being one of the best contributions for a long time.

For a number of years we have donated the collection solely to Haven (Tyneside) who provide accommodation for single homeless people with support needs and assist in their resettlement and rehabilitation using strategic training and education, enabling them to move on to appropriate long term housing.

This year we also decided to help the newly formed Newcastle West End Foodbank as well as Haven and in order to facilitate this we extended our traditional route to encompass the whole of the Brunton Park estate. The Newcastle West End

Foodbank provides food for people in need who have a voucher from a care professional. Frontline care professionals such as doctors and social workers identify people in crisis and then issue the food voucher. Clients then receive three days of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food in exchange for their food voucher. Foodbanks also make time to chat and to signpost clients to other helpful services.
Foodbanks help prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems. A simple box of food makes a big difference.

The donations made by the residents soon mount up and will have a significant impact on a lot of people’s lives this Christmas. These organisations rely on donations from the general public and groups like us to help support the local community, so it is important that we continue to help these organisations especially in their times of need.

The donations we collect, no matter how large or small, do make a difference, so on behalf of Haven (Tyneside) and Newcastle West End Foodbank, Newcastle Gosforth Round Table would like to say a big thank you to the residents of Brunton Park for their continued support and donations, without whom none of this would be possible. We would also like to thank Arnold Clark of Shiremoor for their very generous use of a free van for two nights enabling us to actually be able to collect all donations from the residents. Their continued support to Newcastle Gosforth Round Table is sincerely appreciated and valued.


Hi Mark,

A massive thank you to all of your volunteers. The collection totalled a wonderful 324.2Kg which has already been distributed to the needy of  Newcastle.

Your collection was sufficient to provide three days’ food for twenty four families.

All families who received the food donations were first assessed by front-line agencies such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Social Work Departments and had their cisrcumstances investigated to make sure that the food indeed went to those most in need.

Please add a personal message of thanks from me to all who volunteered and donated.

Michael Nixon (Manager Newcastle West End Foodbank)

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